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Resign or step aside ; Woyome demands of A-G ; But she describes call as dishonest

Resign or step aside ;  Woyome demands of A-G ; But she describes call as dishonestShe is on his heels and wants him convicted for fraudulently obtaining GH¢51.2 million after his acquittal and discharge at the Fast Track High Court on March 12, 2015.
That is why the Attorney General has gone to the Court of Appeal seeking that the judgement freeing him be overturned.
Businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome is calling for the resignation of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mrs Marietta Brew-Appiah Opong, on the ground that a company her former firm represented had got $1 million from the judgement debt he received.
But the Attorney-General, in a sharp rebuttal, has denied the claim and said “the $1 million he is referring to was money he borrowed from Mr Ray Smith in 2008. He was not paying back and Mr Smith pursued him to pay back”.
A statement of claim attached to the writ of summons issued on behalf of Mr Smith had prayed the High Court to order Woyome to pay back the $982,929.53 he took from Mr Smith.
“I never personally fought against Woyome. It was my former partner, Mr Tony Lithur, who handled cases against him in the past. He is up to nothing but mischief but I wish to assure Ghanaians that I will use my good office to pursue justice. Justice is all I seek for Ghanaians and nothing will deter me,” Mrs Appiah-Opong pointed out.

Woyome’s letter

A letter dated March 13, 2015 and signed by Woyome and addressed to Mrs Appiah-Opong accused her of being biased and out to get at him at all cost.
“In as much as I am not against the decision of the State to appeal, I am particularly against your conduct and public utterances during the trial and after the judgement,” the letter, which was also addressed to the Secretary to the President and the Chief of Staff, noted.
Interestingly, the letter was dated the day he was served with the notice of appeal.
“‘This case has travelled approximately three and half years and you have all the opportunity to prove any case against my person; more so as you know that the default judgement was negotiated between myself and then Attorney-General, together with officials of the Presidency, with the knowledge of then Chief of Staff who was copied with every correspondence,” it said.


While accusing the Attorney-General’s legal firm, Lithur Brew and Co., Woyome stated that the firm’s client, Austro-Invest, benefitted from the judgement debt and for that reason “I find it difficult to reconcile your decision to involve yourself directly in this criminal case and notice of appeal you have authorised to be issued and served on me. It is a fact that you and your clients received approximately one million dollars equivalent from the said judgement debt you now so much criminalised and want me jailed for”.

Dishonest letter

Describing Woyome’s letter as rambling, dishonest, unnecessary and a move to throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians, Mrs Appiah-Opong denied his claims. 
“If Woyome is confident that the appeal will fail, why does he not save his breath for the Court of Appeal where three Law Lords will determine the merit of the appeal? 
“I have the full support of His Excellency the President to pursue the appeal as expeditiously as possible and I intend to do so.
“I swore an oath to protect the public purse that is what I have done since I came into office and I will continue to do so,” she stated. 
 “Furthermore, while in private practice I never handled the matters referred to in his letter. In any case, the money had nothing to do with the judgement debt paid him.
“He is being dishonest with the public and he must be treated with the contempt he deserves,” she added.
She warned Woyome to desist from playing with the mind of the public and prepare to justify why the judgement should not be overturned.

Message to the media

Turning to the media, the Attorney-General advised them to desist from spreading the falsehood being peddled by 

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