Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ghana Mourns - As President Mills passes on

July 25, 2012 (Front Page) THE Ghana Bar Association (GBA) has advised Ghanaians to act with dignity and allow the 1992 Constitution to operate following the death of President of the Republic of Ghana, Professor John Evans Atta-Mills. It also counseled Ghanaians to lend their support to Vice President John Daramani Mahama who has been sworn into office as President following the power vacuum resulting from the President’s death. In a brief interview with the Daily Graphic, the President of the GBA, Mr. Frank W. K. Beecham said “the death of the President is sad news for Ghana.” “Our thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved family and all Ghanaians. We urge Ghanaians to act with dignity in this sad moment and lend our support to Mr. John Mahama,” Mr Beecham continued. The death of the President, threw Ghanaians and the world into a state of shock. It took a number of minutes and numerous calls for some Ghanaians to come to term with the news of his death which is the first to be recorded in Ghana’s political history. Local and international news networks did not waste time in breaking the news of his death to the world. News of his death circulated in social media three hours before the Chief of Staff, John Henry Martey Newman issued a press release officially announcing the death of the President. While some wept on hearing the news, others remained mute and could simply not express their emotions. Thousands of messages poured in on social media including facebook, twitter, linked in, whatsapp and blackberry service among many others. Countless messages most of which bore Prof. Mills picture spoke of his person as a gentle, God fearing and honest. Even his ardent critics on social media expressed sadness of his death. They also wished his family well in these trying moments.

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